Friday, October 31, 2014

A Day in the life...

A day in the world of a real-life Captain Janeway.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10.31.14

It's Halloween.  The lights and sounds are powered up at the Star Base....awaiting the arrival of new recruits, Trekkies and Trekkers of all ages.   Waiting to see their faces light up at the sight of Star Trek uniforms, phasers, Spock ears......I, the Captain sit in the chair....waiting to assist them......when the inner geek proclaims that they want to be Captain Kirk or Captain Picard or Mr. Spock or a host of others on this day of Halloween

This is the one day they may choose to be that one Star Trek persona that they admire....they take the garments into the dressing room and emerge, transformed. Before their final departure they take a moment to pose for a photo op in the replica of the Captain's chair.  And they depart, anticipating the first away mission to their next destination....their final words...Beam me up Scotty!  

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Happy Halloween!